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This document defines the general conditions ("General Conditions") governing the use of "Run2Marketing" paid service. The Service is provided by Run 2 Cloud Srl, registered in Via S. Giuliano, 9, Milan 20146, VAT number and C.F. 05409280871.


1) Preliminary indications


Run2Marketing is an automatic Digital Marketing Service owned by Run 2 Cloud Srl. The Service is reserved for users who have reached the age of eighteen. By declaring to accept these General Conditions when purchasing a subscription, the User undertakes to comply with the General Conditions set out here.


Each subscription will constitute an autonomous contract between Run 2 Cloud Srl and the User, which will be fully governed by these Conditions. By accepting the purchase of Run2Marketing the User will accept to have a subscription that is renewed every month.


Run 2 Cloud Srl is not responsible for any publications made by the User.


The published images are owned by Run 2 Cloud Srl or are taken from the Internet, and therefore evaluated in the public domain and without copyright. If some images published on the site are protected by copyright, we ask you to report the fact in writing or by sending an email to the owner of the personal data.


No responsibility is assumed for any errors or omissions or direct or indirect or accidental damage resulting from reading or using the information on this site or linked sites.

2) Changes to the General Conditions


Run 2 Cloud Srl reserves the right, at its unique discretion, to make changes to these General Conditions from time to time. The most recent version of the General Conditions will be published from time to time on the site. Each modified version of the General Conditions is valid and effective from the date of its notification by email to the User or, in any case, from the date of its publication on the site, and applies only from the date of its publication or notification to Users. If the User does not intend to accept the modified version of the General Conditions, the User may withdraw from these General Conditions, by giving written notice to Run 2 Cloud Srl, and in any case must refrain from any further use of the site.


3) Characteristics of  Services


The Services offer the User the opportunity to access all the content available on the site. The cost of the Services will be charged to the User at the time of purchase.


The User may only purchase the Subscriptions described on the site from time to time. Exchanges of Subscriptions with other Subscriptions are not permitted.


The types of Subscriptions that can be purchased by the User and the specific special conditions of sale will be described on the site from time to time. By confirming the subscription of a Subscription, the User declares to have read and understood, and expressly accepts, these descriptions of the Subscriptions and special conditions of sale.


The subscription will become active on the day the purchase is finalized through the appropriate procedure available on the website.


Run 2 Cloud Srl is in no way responsible for any interruptions in the provision of the Services due to causes not directly attributable to it and / or which are beyond its technical control.


Run 2 Cloud Srl reserves the right to block or suspend, at any time and without notice, the provision of the Services to those Users who have violated the provisions of these General Conditions. In such cases, Run 2 Cloud Srl also reserves the right to permanently deactivate or delete the User's account and all information related to it and / or to block any future access of the User to the Services.


4) Purchase and service management


The subscriptions offered by Run 2 Cloud Srl are subject to automatic monthly renewal. If you wish to terminate the Services offered by Run 2 Cloud Srl through subscription, the User will be required to send a PEC communication to the address: with 15 (fifteen) days of notice before the monthly renewal.


The costs of the service, including VAT, are those shown on the Site and listed below:



  • Set up of one social media profile (facebook or instagram)

  • Management and optimization of social media profile

  • Customized social media design

  • Social media copywriting

  • 2 monthly posts ( total number, not for platform)

  • 1 IG/FB stories

  • 500+ monthly interactions

  • 7500+ montlhy impressions

  • Email support


PLAN PRO: € 180,00/MONTH


  • Set up of two social media profile (facebook or instagram)

  • Management and optimization of social media profile

  • Customized social media design

  • Social media copywriting

  • 4 monthly posts ( total number, not for platform)

  • 2 IG/FB stories

  • Google MyBusiness 

  • Monthly report

  • Custom budget (performance results may vary)

  • 1500+ monthly interactions

  • 25000+ monthly impressions

  • Email and chat support




  • Set up of two+ social media profile (facebook or instagram)

  • Management and optimization of social media profile

  • Customized social media design

  • Social media copywriting

  • 8 monthly posts ( total number, not for platform)

  • 4 IG/FB stories

  • Remove Run2Marketing branding

  • Google MyBusiness 

  • Monthly report

  • Custom budget (performance results may vary)

  • 3000+ monthly interactions

  • 50000+ monthly impressions

  • Social media calendar

  • Email and chat support

  • Creation of one landing page

  • Google search bar

  • SEO optimization

The User cannot request from Run 2 Cloud Srl more than what is included in the purchased plan.


Any changes and additional services will be quoted separately.


The management and response to any comments and/or messages from users on social platforms are excluded. It is understood that the User will have the necessary accesses to be able to manage them independently.


* The numbers shown here are based on an average of our data. Following the continuous updates of social platforms and related algorithms, it is possible that fluctuations in impressions / interactions may occur, both in negative and in positive. Run 2 Cloud Srl is in no way responsible for any alterations in the results achieved with respect to those reported above.


5) Terms and methods of payment


All billing involves recurring payment, which means that you will continue to charge the amount until your subscription is canceled. The User is solely responsible for the correct cancellation of the subscription.


If the service is canceled before the end of the period already paid, the subscription is still valid until it expires. After the expiration date, if payment is not received, the subscription will be terminated.


We do not offer refunds for initial payments. If you are ordering the service for the first time, please make sure your order is correct before proceeding to checkout.


We do not offer refunds for recurring monthly payments. If you are charged for the automatic monthly renewal of the service, you can cancel your subscription to avoid billing for the following months.


The payment method of the monthly fees is SEPA banking, therefore upon acceptance of this contract, Run 2 Cloud Srl is authorized to activate the payment by SEPA for the amounts described in this contract relating to the selected subscription plan. The monthly fees will be invoiced on a monthly basis starting from the date of signing of this contract.


6) Effective date and duration


This contract is valid from the date of signing, for a minimum contractual duration of 1 (one) years. The same is renewed tacitly and for the same period of one year upon expiry. The customer may terminate the contract at any time by sending a PEC communication to the address: with 15 (fifteen) days' notice.


7) Terms and conditions of operation


Run 2 Cloud Srl will carry out the activities requested by the User in complete autonomy with its own organization of means based on the indications received from the User. Run 2 Cloud Srl will carry out its task at its discretion and with professionalism, and guaranteeing its availability.


Run 2 Cloud Srl also undertakes to maintain maximum confidentiality and confidentiality on all professional and / or company information relating to the subject of the contract.


Run 2 Cloud Srl, in the execution of the services indicated in this contract, will have the right to make use of the collaboration, advice and services of external professionals without asking the User for anything else.


8) Obligations of the User


The User declares and warrants that he is of age and has the ability to act.


Furthermore, the User undertakes to provide correct and truthful data for the execution of the Contract and to update the data provided to Run 2 Cloud Srl whenever necessary.


9) Intellectual Property Rights


The Site, trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, texts and any other content of the Services are the intellectual property of Run 2 Cloud Srl or any other person indicated and cannot be reproduced, used. or represented without the explicit authorization of the right holders. The rights of use granted by Run 2 Cloud Srl to the User are expressly those of accessing, requesting, receiving and saving on their device the Content published and promoted for this purpose and the use of such Content for private and personal purposes and without any purpose of sharing, dissemination, communication for profit or profit. Any other use is to be considered abusive and therefore prohibited.


10) Treatment of personal data


The data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the EU Privacy Regulation which entered into force on 25 May 2018. More information is available at the following link:


11) Confidentiality clause


For the purposes of this contract, information or data ("Confidential Information") transmitted verbally, in writing, or by any other means, by one of the Parties to the other and identified as such by the transmitting Party, are considered confidential.


Both parties undertake to comply with the following:


1. Run 2 Cloud Srl must make sure to reveal to the User only those Confidential Information that the Supplier deems necessary to achieve the purposes set out in the Introduction;


2. The User will make every effort to prevent the disclosure of Confidential Information by Run 2 Cloud Srl and will submit it to the security measures with which it is customary to treat its information with a level of confidentiality comparable to that of Confidential Information received. However, this level of confidentiality cannot be lower than the level of qualified diligence of a professional operator in the relevant sector;


3. Upon termination of this contract, in the event of a written request by Run 2 Cloud Srl, all Confidential Information contained in any type of document, both in original and in copy, must be returned by the User to Run 2 Cloud Srl or destroyed. In the latter case, a report of destruction will be drawn up and sent to the Supplier.


4. Each Party designates, within its organization, the following persons authorized to receive and / or transmit Confidential Information. The Parties may replace the names indicated here by giving written notice to the other Party.


They are expressly approved and after reading, also pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the agreements contained in this contract.


12) Jurisdiction

The General Conditions have been formulated in the light of the laws in force in the territory of the Italian Republic and are subject to them.


Any dispute relating to this contract will be the exclusive competence of the Court of Milan. For anything not provided for in this contract, the regulations in force on the subject are hereby understood.


13) Prohibition of assignment

This Agreement is strictly personal in nature. Consequently, the User does not have the right to transfer, in whole or in part, or to give the same to third parties without the prior and explicit written consent of Run 2 Cloud Srl.

CEO & Founder Run 2 Cloud Srl
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